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Should Centrifugal Clutch Pressure Play a Big Role When Selecting a Clutch for Your Street Car?

RAM Clutches recently posted an article on centrifugal clutch pressure on its blog, and the info was so good that we wanted to share a bit of it here. You […]


Petersen Automotive Museum to Celebrate The 90th Anniversary of The Iconic 1932 Ford With a New Holiday, Exhibit, and Gala

The Deuce has turned 90! The Petersen Automotive Museum will honor the 90th anniversary of the 1932 Ford with a new national holiday, Hot Rod Day on June 11, and […]

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Video: How to Flip the Shifter Position on a Tremec TKO & Magnum Transmission

It’s tough to argue that the Tremec TKO and Magnum five- and six-speeds are really popular manual transmission retrofits for a wide range of classic muscle cars. But beyond their […]

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Memorial Day Photo Gallery: Historical Military Vehicles

Memorial Day is a time for honoring the brave men and women who have died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, and to celebrate living active duty soldiers and […]

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Parts Bin: A Dorman OE-Spec Oil Pan is an Easy, Affordable Replacement for Your Damaged Original One

Given their proximity to the road (or trail) surface, oil pans see a lot of abuse. From rocks and branches, to that inexplicable shovel laying on the freeway, an errant […]

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OnAllCylinders Podcast (Ep. 29): Automotive Painting Tips and Tricks with Guest Ted Swan

Even the most seasoned gearheads can get spooked by the thought of doing their own automotive paint job. But automotive paint projects don’t have to be a scary topic. In […]

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Video: What Are Hydraulic Roller Lifters & How Do They Work?

Hydraulic roller lifters are now commonplace, even in some high performance engine builds. But while they handle the same job as their mechanical roller and flat tappet friends, hydraulic roller […]

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Parts Bin: A Davies Craig Electric Water Pump & Fan Controller Combo Offers Efficient Engine Cooling Control

While retrofitting an electric water pump is a time-tested way to relieve stress from your accessory drive system and free up some horsepower, Davies Craig takes that approach and cranks […]

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Installing a Transmission Fluid Cooler? Read This Before Hooking Up Your Lines & Assembling Custom Hoses

If you want to install a transmission fluid cooler, finding a spot to bolt it up is probably going to be the easy part. You’ll still need a way to […]

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Video: Understanding Some Types of Liquid Gasket Makers & Common Use Cases

It’s probably no surprise to you that gaskets come in all different shapes, sizes, and construction—from copper header gaskets to rubber O-rings to the trusty old cork gasket for your […]