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Parts Bin: Get Your Truck Perfectly Level with a ProRyde LiftMachine Adjustable Leveling Kit

A leveling kit is one of the first suspension upgrades truck owners do to give their truck a nice, even stance, because it “corrects” the stock front rake that most […]

Automotive & Aftermarket News

Yup. The New Jeep Wrangler Xtreme Recon Package Gives You 35 Inch Tires Right from the Factory

When Jeep introduced the new Wrangler JL a few years ago, many off-roaders noticed it had some big, healthy wheel wells. And when the Rubicon trim hit the scene with […]

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Collector Car Appreciation Day 2021: A State-by-State Event List

July 9th is the official Collector Car Appreciation Day for 2021, and the calendar for this year is chock-full of car-related stuff. We’ve got a state-by-state breakdown of what’s going […]

Automotive & Aftermarket News / Electric Vehicles

Audi Says It’ll Stop Making Internal Combustion Engines by 2033

Joining marques like Jaguar and Volvo, another luxury automobile manufacturer is eliminating the internal combustion engine from its lineup. In a press release yesterday, Audi says it’s going all-in on […]

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Video: Get a Tour of the ECTA Arkansas Mile with Summit Racing & See Some Amazing Top Speed Racers

Thought land speed record runs only took place in Bonneville, Utah, or perhaps some other remote spot on the opposite side of the globe? Nope. If you live in the […]

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Photo Gallery: 2021 Stan Hywet Father’s Day Car Show

Located in Akron, Ohio, Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens was built by one of the founders of Goodyear Tire Company and is now a well-maintained estate that’s popular for a […]

Car Culture & Entertainment

Your Favorite Memories with Dad: 2021 Edition

Every year, the folks at Summit Racing ask a question or two on their Facebook and Instagram pages about customers’ memories with their Dads. And every year, we collect some […]

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Parts Bin: Add No-Lift Shifting & 2-Step Launch Control to Your Race Car with the WOT BOX from N2MB Racing

No-lift shifting means you don’t have to take your foot off the gas as you clutch-in and shift gears. In other words, you’re pretty much at wide open throttle as […]

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Video: Towing & Trailering Tips from Bulletproof Hitches

Whether you’re hitching up the camper, bass boat, or race car, summer is the season of towing. And regardless of how many times you’ve hooked up your tow rig, it’s […]


NHRA Wrap-Up: Aaron Stanfield Grabs Second Career Pro Stock Win at New England Nationals

With all the rain that came down on the Spring Nationals a few weeks ago, it was nice to see plenty of blue sky for the New England Nationals this […]