Articles written by: Jim Brightly

A former editor of Truckin’ and Trailer Life magazines, and tech editor of Four Wheeler, Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road, and Family Motor Coaching magazines, Jim Brightly is now a semi-retired photojournalist living, writing, and wheeling in northern Arizona. He’s been building and wheeling Jeeps for more than fifty years.

How Tos / Tech

Jeep Tech: How to Replace Your Leaky Fuel Injectors

If you’re experiencing leaking fuel injectors, you might think new O-rings will correct your engine’s fuel delivery problems, but you’d probably be wrong. O-rings might do the job but usually they […]

Product Installs / Tech

Jacked Up: Adding Ground Clearance with a Skyjacker 3-Inch Lift Kit

Just as a winch is severely limited in its capability without its accessory kit (tree strap, clevis, snatch block, etc.), a Cherokee is severely limited in its off-road capability without […]

Product Installs / Tech

Roll Call: Installing a Front Roll Cage on a Jeep Rubicon Unlimited

You might think your Jeep’s OEM front bars will protect you in event of an upset, but you’d be wrong. Those bars are strictly there to secure the windshield, not to protect […]

Product Installs / Tech

Lights, Bumpers…Action: Installing New Bumpers and Better Lights on a Jeep Rubicon

Jaded is a strong word. Let’s just say we’re not always easily impressed. But when we opened the two huge packages from Rugged Ridge and the smaller package from Rigid […]

Product Installs / Tech

Remote Control: Installing a VPA Remote Start System on Your Vehicle

If you live in an area with extreme weather—like Phoenix, AZ in the summer or Buffalo, NY in the winter—you’ll thoroughly enjoy equipping your vehicle with a VPA Remote Engine […]

Product Installs / Tech

Fired Up: Enhancing Power and Throttle Response with an MSD Distributor/Plug Wire Upgrade

MSD makes a high-end, high-performance distributor for almost every modern engine still in use. Using a Chevy V8—arguably the most popular conversion engine in use today—as the example, we pulled […]

Exterior / How Tos / Product Installs / Tech

Top Steps: How to Install a Bestop Supertop

Bestop Supertops offer the highest quality in function, fit, and style. And oh yeah—they’re simple to install. Really simple. We really like quick, easy tasks so we were pleasantly surprised at […]

Product Installs / Tech

Trailer Upgrades: Raising Bumpers, Installing New Shocks and Electrical Components

An off-road New Mexico vacation in a camping trailer designed for Jeep and Chevrolet S10 pickups provided the evidence: the trailer desperately needed more stability on the rough terrain and […]

Product Installs / Tech

Pump it Up! Installing a Pair of VIAIR Compressors to Keep Your Tires Aired up Forever

An on-board air compressor system can be a very comforting accessory. It can pump up your tires, run air tools, and keep your friends’ tires up as well. However, it can […]

How Tos / Interior / Product Installs / Tech

Comfort Zone: Rehabbing a CJ-7’s Tired Old Interior

Just like suspension components and tires, a Jeep’s interior will begin to wear eventually–especially after years of off-roading on rugged trails. Take this 1982 Jeep CJ-7, for example. The Bestop seats […]