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Jeff Smith has had a passion for cars since he began working at his grandfather's gas station at the age 10. After graduating from Iowa State University with a journalism degree in 1978, he combined his two passions: cars and writing. Smith began writing for Car Craft magazine in 1979 and became editor in 1984. In 1987, he assumed the role of editor for Hot Rod magazine before returning to his first love of writing technical stories. Since 2003, Jeff has held various positions at Car Craft (including editor), has written books on small block Chevy performance, and even cultivated an impressive collection of 1965 and 1966 Chevelles. Now he serves as a regular contributor to OnAllCylinders.

Driveline / Q&A

Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Modern GM Transmission Upgrade Options for an LS-Swapped 1970 Chevy Nova

I’m looking into which late model overdrive automatic would be the best choice behind the 6.2L LS in my ’70 Nova. Chevrolet Performance has just announced availability of the 6L80E […]

Induction / Q&A

Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Some Calculations & Guidelines for Blending Fuel Octanes

I came across your article on blending E85 with pump gasoline and I have a question. I have a C7 ZR1 that is un-tuned that needs 96 octane to prevent […]

Product Profiles

Summit Racing Muscle Car Camshafts for Ford, Mopar, Oldsmobile & Pontiac

Nostalgia is a big part of the whole muscle car movement. The time-honored approach is to recreate a car or engine that captivated us during our formative years. Perhaps it […]

Cooling / Q&A

Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Fitting an Electric Fan Conversion in a Big Block-Swapped 1966 Chevelle

I’m trying to help out a friend with a ‘66 Chevelle project. It has a big block with a six speed in it. I think it was a small block […]

Cooling / Q&A

Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Picking the Best Antifreeze for an Older Vehicle

I have a ’90 Chevy pickup that is rarely driven but has been stored in my heated garage for several years. I have a new project that will force this […]

Ignition & Electrical / Q&A

Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Tracking Down a Phantom Battery Voltage Drain in a 1967 Chevy

I have a 1967 Nova that drains its battery if I leave the car sitting for more than a couple of days. I’d like to try to fix the problem […]

Engine & Exhaust / Q&A

Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: How to Ensure a Good Intake Manifold Gasket Seal on a Small Block Chevy

I’m a beginner when it comes to working on engines. We plan to add an aluminum intake manifold to the 350 small block Chevy in my 1972 Chevy C-10 pickup. […]

Engine & Exhaust / Q&A

Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Troubleshooting Low Oil Pressure on a Freshly-Built Chevy 454 Big Block

I recently built a Gen VI 454 big block Chevy street engine that came out of a late model Chevy truck. I had the local machine shop do all the […]

Engine & Exhaust / Q&A

Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Does My Mild Small Block Chevy Need a High Pressure or High Volume Oil Pump?

I am about to rebuild a 350 small block Chevy that originally came out of a truck. We’re going to add new forged pistons, better rods, and if I can […]

Engine & Exhaust / Product Profiles / Tech

Flat Tappet Rat Muscle: Summit Racing Muscle Car Camshafts for Big Block Chevy Engines

There was a time when big block Chevy engines with solid lifter camshafts clattered their way down the boulevards and highways of America. It was a time of big block […]