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Video Feature: Bob Chesney’s 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner

Looking at Bob Chesney’s 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner, you might ask; “That thing got a Hemi?” The answer is yes and a whole lot more. Bob and his wife, both car show judges, […]

Super Summit 2014 – June 20th & 21st – This is How We Roll
Events / Super Summit 2014

Super Summit 2014 – June 20th & 21st – This is How We Roll

Join in the fun and the savings at Summit Racing Equipment Super Summit 2014! Just like last year, we combined Super Summit and TruckFest for one HUGE two-day event running Friday, […]

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Video: The Ultimate Survival Guide for Summer Road Trips

With the longer days and warm weather, it’s time to pack up the hot rod and take a little road trip. Whether you find yourself venturing a little farther from home, […]

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Video Feature: Going Land Speed Racing in a 1978 ‘Vette

When you take a vehicle out to do a little land speed racing, is all about the forces–as in drag and down force. Bill Lilley, along with Gary and Josh […]

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Video Feature: Dan Tartabini’s 1967 Chevy Chevelle – Patience Pays Off

Twenty years is a long time to wait for a car; however if it is the right car, twenty years is worth the wait. That is exactly what Dan Tartabini […]

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Project GMW Video Update: Running at the Ohio Mile

Take a BMW E30, a GM LS engine, and hand it over to a to Smokey’s Dyno & Performance and there are a couple things you can expect. First is […]

Flathead Ford Engine

Ford Flathead V8: The Original Hot Rod Engine

Before the Chevy small block engine became a popular engine platform for hot rodders, the Ford Flathead V8 ruled the streets, drag strips, and the dry lake beds. Looking into […]

Winching Out: Proper Winching Techniques & Tips

Winching Out: Proper Winching Techniques & Tips

We all have “that friend” who gets stuck when you’re out enjoying the snow trails, muddy paths, or rocky hill climbs. So it really pays to be prepared when hitting […]

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2015 Ford Mustang—The Sixth-Generation Mustang Finally Revealed

Ford officially unveiled the sixth-generation of the Ford Mustang line today with a lot of new features and some interesting things to look forward to with the S550 Mustang platform. […]

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2015 Ford Mustang Sneak Peek—TIME Goes Behind the Scenes

In April 1964, Ford Motor Co. introduced the Mustang; a new line of cars that developed into a new genre of automobile, the Pony Car. Coupes with a long hood […]