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Terminator on Ice: Adding a Zex Nitrous Kit to a Supercharged 2003 Ford Cobra 4.6L!

What is your favorite power adder? The question is actually quite common among performance enthusiasts. The problem is often choosing between the different types. Let’s face it, as good as […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: What Those Nitrous Bottle Codes Mean & Why They Matter

What does this code on my nitrous bottle signify? — M.A. Jeff Smith: The stamp on your bottle represents the date it was certified—in your case December 2017. Each nitrous […]

EFI supercharger nitrous combo
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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Setup Recommendations for a Supercharged EFI & Nitrous Combo

I am building a 355 cubic inch small-block Chevy with AFR 1065 220cc Race Ready AFR heads, an Erson roller cam, and FiTech fuel injection. Can I use a wet […]

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Quick Tech: 8 Tips for Properly Tuning Your Nitrous System

Congratulations, you’ve settled on a nitrous system. There are any number of great systems on the market, and choosing a nitrous kit that’s right for your vehicle can be an […]

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Video: Maintaining Consistent Nitrous Pressure with a Nitrous Express Bottle Bath

Consistency is key when tuning a nitrous car. By maintaining consistent nitrous pressure from run to run, you eliminate one variable so you can identify other needed adjustments in your track setup. In […]

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SEMA Show ‘n’ Tell: Nitrous Express C7 Nitrous Switch Panel

LAS VEGAS, NV — Here’s yet another reason to give up smoking. Nitrous Express has figured out a way to convert your cigarette lighter into a switch panel for nitrous. It […]

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How to Choose a Nitrous System

The principle is simple: Air and fuel plus ignition equals horsepower; therefore, more air and fuel equals more horsepower. It’s the equation that nitrous systems manufacturers use to help produce […]

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Parts Bin: Nitrous Controllers & Complete JK Accessory Packages

From time to time, OnAllCylinders will provide a peek at some of the newest products and deals that can help get your next project on track for less. Check out […]

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Video: How to Troubleshoot Nitrous Solenoid Problems

Whenever a customer calls or writes to Summit Racing’s tech department with concerns about their nitrous systems not working, the experienced group always asks the same question first: Have you […]

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Ask Away: Optimizing Your Nitrous System with Proper Bottle Pressure

I recently installed a NOS Cheater nitrous system on my car and we took it to a chassis dyno to test the system. The jets were rated at 150 hp […]