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Your 5 Favorite Rides From SEMA 2013

Some of the finest cars and trucks in the United States make the annual trek to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, and 2013 was no different. We were there […]

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Photo Gallery: Cars are the Stars of SEMA 2013

LAS VEGAS, NV. — For all the celebrity appearances and highly anticipated product releases, there’s no doubt that the cars are really the stars here. We did some more star-gazing yesterday and […]

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Photo Gallery: More Killer Rides from SEMA 2013

LAS VEGAS, NV. — It’s hot rod central—or at least it should be. The Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center is where you typically find the biggest concentration of customs […]

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SEMA Preview: Hotchkis to Bring World’s Most Famous Car Chase Scene to Life at SEMA 2013

Hotchkis Sport Suspension will bring “Bullitt” to life at the 2013 SEMA Show to launch its all-new bolt-on suspension for 1964-70 Mustangs and adjustable performance shocks for Mopar, Ford, and […]

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SEMA Preview: SEMA 2013 Show Cars with a Summit Racing Touch

SEMA 2013, the aftermarket industry’s annual parts blowout in Las Vegas, is almost upon us, as in next week, November 5-8. In addition to showcasing the latest products for—well, almost […]

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SEMA Preview: 2013 SEMA Show to Include New Feature Called “Dirt Theater”

The 2013 SEMA Show will include a new feature known as Dirt Theater. Located in the upper level of the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall (Booth #37041), Dirt Theater […]

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SEMA Preview: Belltech Builds 5 Trucks for 2013 SEMA Show

In celebration of 30 fantastic years of lowering trucks around the world, Belltech has decided to undertake the massive project of 5 Trucks for the SEMA show. “We really wanted […]

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Photo Gallery: Awesome SEMA 2018 Rides

LAS VEGAS, NV — Like every SEMA Show in recent history, the 2018 version features more vehicles each and every one of us want to drive or own than anyone […]

SEMA 2016

SEMA 2016: FiTech Unleashes Ultimate Induction System for LS Engines

LAS VEGAS, NV — FiTech introduced a brand-new induction kit for LS engines at the 2016 SEMA Show which company officials say is the easiest and least-expensive way to upgrade […]

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Coker Tire to Debut Three New Tires at SEMA 2014

SEMA 2014 Preview, courtesy of Coker Tire: American Classic Bias-Look Blackwalls In 2013, Coker Tire Company won the SEMA Best New Product award in the Tires and Accessories Category with […]