A while back, we talked about the importance of properly bleeding your hydraulic clutch. But for a lot of vehicles, you’ll also want to ensure that your pedal is properly adjusted so that your clutch operates correctly.

Though not all clutch pedals are adjustable—if yours is—then the clutch experts at Exedy will show you exactly how to keep it in-spec.

Not only that, the Exedy folks will explain the science and geometry that’s at play in your clutch pedal. That way, you’ll better understand why proper pedal adjustment is so darn important to the life of your clutch, and master and slave cylinders.

And in many cases, the adjustment takes only a few moments with the simple turn of a nut on a threaded rod. The video below is only two minutes long too, so it’s some quick, easy tech if you’ve got a hydraulic clutch in your ride.

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