For a lot of us, our car or truck cover comes off during the summer and stays on the shelf as we enjoy a season of cruising and car shows. Then, when the weather gets chilly, the car cover goes back on while our vehicle hibernates for the winter.

That means those summer months are a perfect time for you to clean your vehicle cover—and the experts over at Covercraft will show you exactly how to do it.

man washing a car cover
(Image/The Covercraft YouTube Channel)

While this video covers the proper washing technique for Covercraft car and truck covers, in our experience the process is often similar for other vehicle cover brands too. That said, always check with your car cover’s manufacturer for the recommended care and maintenance needs of your specific vehicle cover.

Putting a dirty car cover back on your ride can damage your vehicle’s finish—from simple fine scratches to stains and blemishes that can be difficult to remove—so keeping your vehicle cover clean is a big, big deal.

Watch this video from the folks at Covercraft and get familiar with the process.

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