Replacing a clutch isn’t exactly an easy task—it’s a process that requires a series of other things to happen before you get to the actual job of slipping on the new clutch kit.

But when you finally get to that point, the clutch experts at Exedy will show you some very handy tips for making sure your clutch will slip right onto the splines of the input shaft.

That way, you know the job will be done right and you can button everything back up without fear of having to re-do the process anytime soon.

test fitting a clutch onto a splined shaft
(Image/The Exedy YouTube Channel)

The video is only two minutes long, yet will show you the proper way to lube the input shaft (and how much grease to use), along with how to test fit the clutch to check for issues with the splines or clutch alignment.

Got a clutch job in your future? Give this video a watch and potentially save yourself some hassle:

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