For a lot of folks, cleaning your car’s stock or aftermarket wheels is the final step of a thorough car wash.

…But that’s not always an easy task, especially if you’ve got an exotic set of custom wheels on your ride.

In fact, properly cleaning brake dust, road grit, and tar from intricate wheel spokes can be an aggravating, tedious affair.

If your hands started hurting at the mere mention of that scenario, then you may want to check out this rim cleaning video from the wheel washing wizards at Adam’s Premium Car Care.

(Image/The Adam’s Polishes YouTube Channel)

While it talks in detail about some specific wheel and tire cleaning products, there are plenty of general tips and techniques in this video too.

And it’s over eight minutes long so, suffice it to say, the video doesn’t skimp on the details.

All told, if you’re a car detailing perfectionist and want to learn some handy tricks to cleaning custom wheels, watch the video below: