We’re all about clever garage hacks around here, so when we came across this ingenious thread repair tactic from the vehicle repair experts over at AGS Company Automotive Solutions, we knew it was worth investigating.

AGS got famous for its EZ-Fit brake lines, so this company knows how to take some stress out of frustrating jobs.

For starters, if you ever come across damaged threads, you should always try to use a proper tap to fix it first. If you’re not sure how, check out this 101-style article: How to Use a Tap & Die Set to Cut Internal & External Threads

But sometimes you don’t have a full blown tap and die set handy. More importantly, on some thread repairs, the damaged bolt hole is wedged deep in an engine bay or another tight spot that you can’t fit a tap into anyway.

(Image/The AGS Company Automotive Solutions YouTube Channel)

So this trick from AGS can be really, really helpful in tough situations. And even better, it’s easy and inexpensive—potentially saving you a ton of money and hassle in the process.

Long story short, if you ever come across a bolt hole with damaged threads, the AGS folks have a clever solution that you may want to try before heading to a machine shop. Check out the walkthrough video below:

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