While it had been rumored that GM was preparing to axe the current 6th-generation Camaro for a while now, we just got official word from Chevrolet that it will be gone after the 2024 model year.

Introduced for 2016, the 6th-gen. Camaro carried the Chevy musclecar mantle for almost a decade. And the fire-breathing 650 horsepower 6th-gen. ZL1 1LE currently holds the record for fastest Camaro to run GM’s Milford Proving Ground test track.

But lest you think that this is the end for the legendary nameplate, the press release gave us this juicy little morsel:

“While we are not announcing an immediate successor today, rest assured, this is not the end of Camaro’s story.”

Scott Bell, Vice President, Global Chevrolet

What that means exactly is anyone’s guess, but at the very least it appears that Chevy continues to take its pony car performance image seriously—and that may be really important, as Dodge has recently announced the retirement of the current Challenger, leaving the Ford Mustang as the only domestic V8 player left in the segment.

It’s also interesting to wonder what will replace the Camaro in GM’s motorsports portfolio, as the 6th-Gen. is currently the General’s ride-of-choice for NASCAR, the NHRA, and other key race series.


While the loss of the current Camaro is understandably disappointing, Chevy did add some solace by announcing a special Collectors Edition package on the 2024 Camaro that, according to the press release, will add some nods to the Camaro’s musclecar heritage.

Chevy says details on the 2024 Camaro Collectors Edition package(s) will be released later this year.

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