(Image/OnAllCylinders – Stephen Cinch)

From the drafting table of Harry Bradley (of Hot Wheels and Weinermobile fame) came the jaw dropping “Bugs Bunny” beach buggy.

Originally a 1:20 scale model kit in the 1960s, the “Bugs Buggy” soon spawned a full-size running, driving version made by legendary custom car builder Chuck Miller.

We’re guessing the 1:1 model was a tad more labor intensive. (Image/OnAllCylinders – Stephen Cinch)

Though the original buggy was lost to the sands of time, the one the Summit Racing video crew spotted at the 2023 Detroit Autorama is a faithful recreation, done with the help of Chuck Miller himself. The folks from Summit Racing spoke with this “Bugs Bunny” owner and he gave them plenty of details on the buggy’s history and how the recreation was born.

(Image/OnAllCylinders – Stephen Cinch)

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