You know what’s fun? Grabbing a bunch of friends and going for some open-top driving in your Jeep Wrangler.

You know what’s NOT fun? Begging those same friends to remove your Jeep’s heavy, bulky hard top first.

The good news is, EZ4x4 can help you with that second part.


Its EZLIFT Hard Top Remover makes raising the proverbial roof on your Jeep Wrangler a one-person job.

And you don’t have to be the Hulk here either, as cranking the top up or down is virtually effortless. Once it’s up and off, you simply wheel the cart to where you want your top, and lower it back down.

Not only does this give your forearms a break, it means you can avoid dinging or damaging your expensive hard top or scratching your Jeep whenever you shuffle for a better grip.


When you’re all done, the EZLIFT Hard Top Remover folds neatly away so you can lean it against the wall in your garage or shop. Then you can plunk your doors on one of EZ4x4’s EZRolling door carts and be ready to hit the trail…or the beach…or the mall.


EZ4x4 says its EZLIFT Hard Top Lift will work with most Jeep Wrangler generations: the JL, JK, and TJ. And that includes both two- and four-door Wrangler Unlimited models (the JLU and JKU).

Want to see an EZLIFT Hard Top Remover in action?

Check out the video, and then call your friends—you won’t need them, but they can still bring a pizza and watch the EZLIFT do its thing.

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