Whether you’re setting up for a weekend at the track or heading off-grid for an overlanding adventure, don’t overlook the importance of quality furnishings for your campsite area.

That’s where Faulkner Furniture comes in.

RV off road campsite with Faulkner tables and chairs
Faulkner Furniture is handy for RVs, camping, trade shows—pretty much anywhere you need to establish a versatile, yet temporary spot to hang out. (Image/Faulkner Furniture)

From tables to chairs to floor mats (and seemingly everything in between), Faulkner lets you bring the comforts of your living room to your campground, RV park, track day, or tailgate party.

Faulkner’s furniture is sturdy and reliable, so you won’t be nervous about using it for a big meal or a professional event booth.

And when it’s time to depart, just fold it up and toss it in your truck, camper, or RV and be on your way.

Faulkner makes some innovative stuff, like this light-duty work table with room for storage underneath. It’s equally handy for kitchen prep, entertaining, and cleaning/washing up. (Image/Faulkner Furniture)

But tables and chairs don’t really tell the whole story here. Faulkner makes clever solutions for a lot of common campsite problems. For starters, it offers a folding prep table/vanity that can also be used to stow cooking gear like plates, utensils, towels, and cleaning supplies.

Even better, Faulkner designed a collapsible trash can to keep your campsite nice and tidy.

Tired of rags and wrappers floating around your work area? Faulkner’s got a compact, storable trash can for that. (Image/Faulkner Furniture)

And we alluded to floor mats too. Faulkner offers a ton of options—from simple doormats to keep dusty, gritty footprints out of your trailer to large outdoor rugs so you can clomp around in your bare feet while you relax outside.

All told, if you’re setting up a temporary living area or event space, and need to furnish it with some durable, comfortable tables and chairs, Faulkner can help you do it.

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