We tend to talk about towing and hauling a lot around here, because so many of you have race car trailers, work trucks, boats, campers, pet llamas, and a lot of other stuff that needs to be hitched up behind your rig. And while we’ve already published a basic towing terminology dictionary, we wanted to dig a bit deeper into a specific topic:

Understanding exactly what your vehicle’s towing capacity spec means.

(Image/The Pedders Suspension YouTube Channel)

Thankfully the folks at Pedders Suspension did the work for us already. Since Pedders makes towing components like shocks/struts, sway bars, and springs for the off-road, #vanlife, and overlanding crowd, the company fields a lot of questions about towing and hauling.

And one of the biggest topics they address is towing weight and, more importantly, towing safety.

To that end, Pedders Suspension made this quick video that perfectly illustrates some key concepts like total vehicle mass and down weight. Give it a watch below and you’ll see what we mean:

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