It may seem trivial, but a good garage or workshop floor mat has plenty of upside.

In addition to keeping your floors stain- and ding-free, a good set of floor mats adds a welcome cushion between your hoofs and a hard concrete surface. Perhaps more importantly, quality floor mats provide a thermal barrier that prevents frigid temperatures from turning your toes into toesicles.

In addition to creating standalone mats, WeatherTech makes “ComfortMat Connect” options that incorporate a clever linking system that locks together to create a large network of ComfortMats. (Image/WeatherTech)

So when we saw WeatherTech now makes ComfortMat Floor Mats, it definitely caught our attention.

A little while ago, we explained how WeatherTech all-purpose mats are a smart way to keep your floors clean, but WeatherTech ComfortMats take it a step further (pun intended!) by incorporating some vital cushioning to reduce foot, leg, and back fatigue—perfect for folks who are on their feet all day.

WeatherTech ComfortMats also have a specialized traction texture to help you remain sure-footed even if there’s a glob of grease on the floor (axle, bacon, or otherwise).

And, since this is WeatherTech we’re talking about here, these ComfortMats are plenty durable enough to withstand pretty much whatever you can drop on them.

ComfortMats are well suited to kitchens, restaurants, woodshops, garages—any spot where you’ll be working on your feet for a while. (Image/WeatherTech)

As mentioned above, ComfortMats are available as a standalone mat, or if you opt for WeatherTech’s ComfortMat Connect system, you can link them together to create a larger floor covering.

Whichever flavor you choose, they come in multiple finish and color options—click here to see the home and garage floor mats currently available from WeatherTech.