For older, classic, and otherwise vintage vehicles with rear drum brakes, a conversion to a more modern rear disc brake setup can make a lot of sense—and that’s particularly true if you’re doing any sort of performance restomodding or autocrossing.

But as you’d imagine, there are quite a few things to consider before buying and installing a disc brake conversion kit. You can’t overlook critical details like how your parking brake will work and clearance between your axles and wheels (especially if you’re running an aftermarket combination).

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(Image/The Stop Shop YouTube Channel)

The braking experts over at The Stop Shop know a thing or two about disc brake conversions, and they created a video to walk though some common questions they’ve received on their disc brake conversion kits. And though a lot of what is covered in this video is in the context of a Stop Shop kit, the same basic fitment and brake system principles apply to any disc conversion job.

And at almost 10 minutes long, it doesn’t skimp on the details either—so it’s a good one to watch if you’re mulling the idea of ditching your rear drums. Check it out: