Race car interiors aren’t known for being roomy.

And for a lot of race vehicles, once you add a couple of strategically-placed roll cage tubes and a highly bolstered racing seat, you pretty much have to be a contortionist to climb in and out of the cockpit.

In those cases, something like a Summit Racing Quick-Release Steering Wheel Disconnect can come in really, really handy.

(Image/Summit Racing)

In addition to being helpful for getting into and out of your race car, a steering wheel disconnect can be a critical piece of safety gear for quickly exiting the vehicle in the event of an emergency.

Better still, being able to remove your steering wheel and take it with you is a very powerful theft deterrent.

Made from anodized billet aluminum, these steering wheel quick disconnect kits are CNC-machined to ensure a zero-play, tight steering wheel feel and fit.

Summit Racing makes its Quick-Release Steering Wheel Disconnect Kits available for five-bolt Grant steering wheels, and six-bolt MOMO or Sparco wheels. Hardware is included, but you’ll need a specific steering wheel adapter/installation kit to bolt on your specific steering wheel.

Summit Racing Steering Wheel Disconnect Kits include key bits of hardware to begin the installation, but you’ll still need the specific steering wheel adapter for your exact application. (Image/Summit Racing)

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