At first glance, a rod end or Heim joint looks like a pretty straightforward part. But there’s a ton of tech that goes into designing one that’ll withstand serious street, track, and trail abuse.

And nowhere is that more evident than when you look at the stuff made by FK Rod Ends. The company has a massive range of rod ends, Heim joints, spherical bearings, clevises, and more to accommodate a ton of applications.

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Need to assemble a dang-near bulletproof suspension system for a stadium truck or Ultra4 buggy? Call FK Rod Ends. Putting together a slick custom throttle linkage for your hot rod? Same deal, check out FK. All told, if you value things like reliability and durability in your project, then FK Rod Ends should be in your Rolodex.

And what’s even better, is that FK Rod Ends is pretty much always at the drawing board, coming up with new products to help builders solve unique problems. So when the Summit Racing gang stopped by the FK Rod Ends booth at the 2022 PRI show, there was plenty of new stuff to check out. Watch the video and you’ll see what we mean.

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