It’s no secret that high performance engines—along with many stock EFI vehicles nowadays—often demand a fuel system that’ll withstand high-pressure, high-temperature operating conditions.

Fragola Performance Systems is here to help though, with a lineup of super-durable hoses and fittings that laugh in the face of intense heat and pressure. In fact, its 6000 Series PTFE-Lined Stainless Hoses are pretty much tailor-made for just such an environment.

And while we’ve been talking primarily about fuel plumbing so far, these hoses are equally at home in a nitrous oxide or power steering setup—two other applications where both extreme pressure and temperature can wreak havoc on an ordinary plumbing system.

You can also get 6000 Series PTFE-Lined Stainless Hoses with a Clear or Black Covering.

Speaking of EFI, Fragola has also begun making EFI Feed Lines that’ll work perfectly with Holley Sniper throttle Body EFI retrofit kits.


The Summit Racing gang was on the scene at the 2022 PRI show and heard all about Fragola’s new stuff.

As an added bonus, they got a demo of Fragola’s professional spec hose assembly tool as well.

Check it all out here:

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