You’re probably familiar with the WeatherTech name, as the company has a solid reputation for its super durable automotive floorliners.

But WeatherTech makes a lot more than car and truck accessories.

As an example, we’re really fond of its Universal All-Purpose Floor Mats for the home and garage—particularly the round WeatherTech mats, as they come in handy for a lot of folks this time of year.

Christmas trees, especially live ones, can be messy. A round WeatherTech mat may save you some headaches. (Image/WeatherTech)

And while having a spot to put your Christmas Tree is helpful, there are tons of other uses for these universal mats.

Tires are a good one—if you temporarily stack your seasonal summer/winter tires in your garage, these mats can protect your floor from getting marred or etched by any residue on the tire.

Use a bench grinder or drill press on a stand? The mat can absorb some of the vibrations and protect your floor too.

Better still, they have a small lip around the edge to keep fluids and grit contained, which means they’re helpful on a workbench when your handling oily, greasy parts.

Residue from your tires can make inedible marks on your floor during seasonal storage. (Image/OnAllCylinders)

Outside of the garage, you can slap these mats on a kitchen table when it’s craft time with the kids.

Or you can slip one underneath your houseplants. Or baby’s highchair. Or drinking fountain. Or bird cage. Or that scale model of the Eiffel Tower you’re making out of toothpicks.

You get the idea.


These mats have a 35 inch diameter. And they’re made from a super-durable thermoplastic elastomer, so they’re flexible yet will withstand some serious abuse.

Better still, you can get them in a handful of colors, including black, green, and brown.