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Alternators are an often-overlooked component of an engine build—that is, until you install a big stereo or spin your motor north of 6,000 rpm.

That’s why MechMan stepped into the alternator game with some seriously high performance alternators for a range of applications.

For instance, it’s got a new 400 amp alternator well suited to the demands of power-hungry audio/subwoofer amplifiers.

Mechman also makes alternators specifically for LS swaps. These LS swap alternators are designed to play nice with aftermarket EFI systems and are relatively small, affording you precious space in a retrofitted engine bay. Even better, Mechman says these alternators can spin up past 6,000 rpm with no trouble.

(Image/Summit Racing)

All told, Mechaman alternators use the latest in modern electronic design, and are housed in gorgeous, dang-near bulletproof housings with improved venting to mitigate the risk of overheating.

Summit Racing sent a team of folks to the 2022 SEMA Show, where they stopped by the Mechman booth to get the whole story on these alternators. Here’s what they found out:

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