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It’s no secret that the early first-gen Ford Bronco is a darling of the vintage SUV market nowadays, which means there are plenty of folks restoring and restomodding these plucky off-roaders.

And fresh on the heels of its specially designed Ford Windsor engine block reveal, BluePrint Engines just introduced a Ford 302 crate motor tailor-made for swapping into a first-gen Bronco.

For starters, this engine uses that aforementioned redesigned Windsor engine block, which features larger cylinder walls, reinforced webbing, four-bolt main caps, and a host of other upgrades to make it stronger and more durable than the original casting.

Then, BluePrint’s engineers fitted it with a special camshaft to deliver low-end power and torque, which is a great complement to a larger off-road wheel and tire package. Perhaps most importantly, BluePrint Engines says its new Windsor-derived engine block casting dissipates heat better than the stock block, which can help prevent overheating while you’re traversing rugged terrain.

Oh, and those Bronco script valve covers? *Chef’s Kiss* (Image/Summit Racing)

Summit Racing had a crew on the ground at the 2022 SEMA Show, and those folks spent plenty of time at the BluePrint Engines booth. Hear what they found out about this new 302 Windsor-derived crate motor designed specifically for first-gen Ford Bronco engine swaps in the video below:

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