It’s no secret that vehicle batteries tend to be heavy, and if you like to toss your ride into corners or climb steep trails, then there’s a good chance your stock battery mount may allow the battery to slip-n-slide around the tray. More importantly, if you’ve got an older ride, your stock battery mount may have some significant rust and corrosion that could hinder it’s ability to keep your battery secure.

Both are good reasons to like the Summit Racing Billet Universal Battery Mount.

A loose mount can not only damage the battery, it could jostle loose the terminals and break your negative (chassis ground) continuity. If you’ve ever spent weeks tracking down a bad ground, you’ve seen this movie before.

(Image/Summit Racing)

Made using parts machined from billet aluminum, these battery mounts can keep your battery planted and steady—even in G-forces you’ll see on, say, an autocross course or steep descent. Large holes on the base plate allow you to securely bolt it to the body/chassis with stout hardware.

Better still, it’s anodized to prevent premature corrosion (which means it looks pretty darn cool too).

And since it’s made from aluminum, the mount doesn’t weigh a whole lot, making it the perfect complement to the lightweight lithium-ion batteries commonly found in race vehicles. That also means it’s a great choice for boats and marine use, or your UTV or off-road rig.

The mount is a universal fit, but Summit Racing says it’ll accommodate batteries no larger than 10.50 in. long x 6.975 in. wide x 7.00 in. tall.

So if you want to keep your expensive battery from wandering off during hard cornering or an aggressive trail ride, or you just want a slick, custom look for your hot rod’s engine bay, you might want to check out the Summit Racing Billet Universal Battery Mount.

(Image/Summit Racing)
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