If your best friend is of the four-legged variety, then you probably have no issue with letting them sleep on your workbench, hop in the back seat, or occasionally gnaw on an old screwdriver handle.

And that’s OK in our book too.

In fact, we’ve put together a few gift ideas that’ll appeal to both dog lovers and cog lovers alike. Check them out:

Who’s ready for a ride in the Mustang today? (Image/Summit Racing)


Leashes & Collars

A clever seatbelt-style buckle helps this collar stay securely in place. (Image/Summit Racing)

Functional and stylish, a dog leash and complementing collar is a great way to tell everyone you’re a bona-Fido gearhead. And you can get them in plenty of designs too, from the Chevy Bowtie to your favorite automotive performance parts retailer.

Better yet, specialty pet harnesses are available to keep Groucho Barks from wobbling around the back seat or rear hatch area as you drive


Pet Stollers & Bicycle Trailers

In addition to a bike-mount hitch arm, this particular pet trailer converts into a push stroller for Mary Puppins. (Image/Rage Powersport)

There’s plenty of overlap between the general outdoorsy type and animal lovers, and that’s particularly true when talking about an outdoor activity like bike riding. So why not take Indiana Bones along for the ride with a bike-mount pet trailer.

Some models can convert into compact push strollers too, and many of the ones we’ve seen collapse down small enough to easily toss in the back of a truck or SUV, yet still have enough room inside for a mid-size dog or cat. (Or a marmot, if that’s your thing.)


Interior Pet Pads & Seat Covers

Dogs love riding in cars. It’s science. (Image/Covercraft)

Dogs get really, really, really excited to go on road trips—it’s in their canine DNA. But that doesn’t mean they have to rip apart your car’s upholstery in the process. Hence, why we protect our vehicle interiors from an overly-enthusiastic pooch with some sort of seat cover.

Regardless of what you drive, you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your interior, from custom, model specific options to universal fit applications. There are even liners that cover your entire rear cargo area (with the seats folded down, no less).


Pet Ramps

Not in the mood to hoist up 30+ pounds of mud and fur after a long trail walk? A sturdy pet ramp can help. (Image/Weathertech)

Maybe Ozzy Pawsbourne ain’t as spry as he used to be. Or maybe Droolius Caesar won’t lay off the snacks.

Either way, pet ramps can come in really handy when you need to get your doggo into and out of your vehicle, especially if you’ve got a truck or SUV. These ramps typically fold neatly for storage and many are made of a lightweight (yet super strong) plastic so they’re easy to set up.

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