(Image/YouTube – Cobb Tuning)

We talk about engine noises a lot around here, namely because those unusual thunks, tikka-tikkas, and ka-chuks are a great way to diagnose engine issues without ever getting your hands greasy.

In fact, we dedicated an entire post to engine noises and developed this handy infographic to help you diagnose a lot of engine problems by ear.

But a lot of us are sometimes guilty of using vague terminology in our noise descriptions, with particular regard to the word “knock.”

You see, knock can mean a few different things, depending on the sound. And while it may be easier to tell them apart when you hear them, it’s often difficult to determine what each of them mean. (The causes and fixes of each “knock” problem are dramatically different too!)

So if you’re unsure of the distinction between “Knock” and “Rod Knock,” check out this video from the engine pros at Cobb Tuning. It’ll give you a quick overview of the two most common engine noises associated with the word “knock” and help you make an accurate diagnosis in the future.

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