After installing a suspension lift, bigger wheels and tires, and some vital trail armor, the Summit Racing Project S71 Chevy Silverado is well on its way to becoming a serious off-road overlanding rig. And now the build team is focusing (pun intended!) its attention to lighting.

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Proper lighting is a key part of any off-road rig, and Project S71 is no different. It now benefits from handy LED light pods in its front bumper, accompanied by a massive light bar front and center. Out back, the truck gets some upgraded backup lights to help it navigate trails and crowded campsites.

But what’s really neat is the wireless switch unit the Summit Racing folks installed to control it all—not only did it make the install a breeze, it gave them the ability to control Project S71’s lights from a smartphone. Watch the install video above and see how it all works out. And you can get precise details on the parts used in this video below:

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Proper off-road illumination is critical for both nighttime trail riding and bouts with inclement weather. (Image/Summit Racing)
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