Your tachometer install depends a lot on your vehicle’s ignition setup. This video will explain how. (Image/New Vintage USA via YouTube)

Most tachometers nowadays rely on an electronic signal from the vehicle’s ignition system to deliver a precise RPM reading.

OK, easy enough.

Problem is, there are plenty of differences between vehicle ignition setups—both stock and aftermarket. That means there’s no “one size fits all” solution to installing a tachometer.

That’s why we’re glad the gauge gurus at New Vintage USA came up with this incredibly detailed video. It covers several of the most common stock and aftermarket ignition systems from popular manufacturers, and shows you how to find and use each ignition system’s tachometer signal to drive your tach.

At over eight minutes long, the video is packed with vital pointers, installation tips, and general guidelines to show you exactly how to wire-up your vehicle’s tachometer. It covers everything from HEI ignitions, digital ignition boxes, coil-on-plug setups, and even diesel applications. You’ll learn about topics like how a tachometer works, basic electrical theory, and troubleshooting.

Installing a tachometer anytime soon? This video is a must-watch. Check it out below: