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As the Summit Racing folks found out with their White Lightning Tesla Project Car, the Tesla Model 3 is a potent performer right out of the box. But while there was no shortage of instantaneous torque coming from the Tesla’s electric drivetrain, there is some room for improvement, particularly when talking about the Model 3’s suspension.

So if you really want to turn your Tesla into a canyon carver or autocross monster, you should get to know Unplugged Performance. The company has an ever-increasing lineup of performance parts designed for the various Tesla models. And today, we’re going to be looking at some its suspension bits.

(Image/Unplugged Performance)

For starters, Unplugged Performance Coilover Suspension Kits are adjustable, so you can tailor your suspension to the type of driving you’re doing—whether you’re commuting or hitting a track day. You have control over ride height and rebound/compression damping, and adjustment is easy via knobs you can reach right in the Tesla’s frunk.

The kits’ monotube shocks deliver consistent, repeatable performance, and they’re wrapped in swift linear coilover springs. The shocks are rebuildable and can be re-valved if the need arises.

Installation is straightforward and the kits re-use the factory upper damper mounts to keep things nice and quiet in the cabin.

Tested by respected racer Randy Probst, these coilover kits offer impressive and reliable performance. Right now there are two versions of the kit available for the Model 3, one for the dual motor and one for the rear-wheel drive setup.

Unplugged Performance coilover kits for the Tesla Model 3 are made in the U.S.A.

A new set of front upper control arms can unlock a ton of the Model 3’s handling potential too. (Image/Unplugged Performance)

But we’re not done yet. As pointed out by the Summit Racing team during the aforementioned White Lighting project, the Model 3 can really benefit from upgraded control arms. So, Unplugged Performance made a set of those too.

Unplugged Performance Ultimate Edition Control Arms feature an asymmetrical billet design with camber, caster, and toe adjustment capability. In fact, when Unplugged Performance tested these control arms on their track car, they were able to achieve a whopping 5.8 degrees of negative camber. And thanks to a patent-pending pill design, changes are simple and quick, letting you make street and track camber swaps at the track in about five minutes using just an Allen wrench and a floor jack. 

You can get more details and see all the stuff Unplugged Performance makes for each Tesla model at Summit Racing.