(Image/Sonnax YouTube Channel)

Don’t overlook the role your slip yoke plays in your vehicle’s driveline. And that’s especially true if you’ve upgraded your engine for more power. In fact, if you plan on strengthening your driveline with beefier U-joints, then you’re probably going to need to upgrade your slip yoke as well.

But there are a few things to consider when buying the right slip yoke for your vehicle, particularly if it’s received a transmission swap. Thankfully the transmission pros over at Sonnax made this video that’ll explain what critical measurements and specs to know before you make a purchase.

The video is packed with some helpful tips and pointers to ensure you select the right slip yoke. It’s a shade under six minutes long, and a good watch if you’re thinking about upgrading your slip yoke.


Click here to watch the video on the Sonnax website.


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