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Valve springs tend to be the Rodney Dangerfield of engine performance. That is to say, their importance is often overlooked. The truth is though, upgrading your valve springs is a critical part of building big power.

Which is why you’ll probably want to hear about Summit Racing’s lineup of valve springs, particularly its new series of Pro LS springs. These inexpensive springs are some of the best horsepower-per-dollar parts you can get.

For starters, if you’ve swapped cams, you’ll want to run new valve springs that complement your cam specs to ensure optimal valvetrain performance. And there are plenty of options in the Summit Racing valve spring line to ensure you get the perfect match. Better yet, these Summit Racing valve springs can significantly increase your engine’s rev limit—adding 1,000+ more useable rpm in many cases.

Here’s a breakdown of the new valve springs in the Summit Racing Pro LS series:

Pro LS Valve Spring Part Number SUM-174002

  • 1.270″ diameter
  • 1.800″ installed at 90 lbs. seat pressure
  • 1.250″ max. lift at 295 lbs. open pressure
  • 375 lbs./in. spring rate


Pro LS Valve Spring Part Number SUM-174004

  • 1.290″ diameter
  • 1.800″ installed at 135 Lbs. seat pressure
  • 1.200″ max. lift at 320 Lbs. open pressure
  • 310 lbs./in. spring rate


Pro LS Valve Spring Part Number SUM-174005

  • 1.300″ diameter
  • 1.800″ installed at 140 lbs. seat pressure
  • 1.170″ max. lift at 350 lbs. open pressure
  • 350 lbs./in. spring rate


And if you are planning a cam swap for your GM LS engine, there are handy Summit Racing Pro LS Camshaft & Spring Kits that include the camshaft, along with a set of valve springs perfectly matched to the cam’s individual specs. Depending on the kit you choose, you’ll also get the valve seals and locks too.

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