Make no mistake: choosing the right spring rates for your suspension project is absolutely an exact science. That’s why we’re awfully fond of the folks at RideTech for developing an online spring rate calculator.

Click Here to Start Using the RideTech Spring Rate Calculator

When you plug key measurements into RideTech’s handy spring calculator, it’ll do the math for you and help you determine the best spring rates for your suspension setup. That way, you’ll get the perfect blend of handling performance and ride quality you’re looking for.

But you have to know how to get accurate suspension measurements first, so RideTech made this helpful video to show you how to measure critical areas of your suspension—we’re talking things like spring weight and spring angle here. Then, the video will show you how to drop those numbers into the calculator and most importantly, what to do with the results.

Just a few simple measurements are all you’ll need to guide you towards the perfect coil spring rate for your suspension package.

It’s a must-watch if you’re thinking of building a custom suspension setup. And it’s only about seven minutes long, so check it out below:

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