OnAllCylinders Podcast (Ep. 18): Setting Up a Vehicle Auxiliary Electrical System

Enjoy hitting the trails and going on overlanding adventures?

Does your work truck serve as an on-site headquarters for your construction job?

Do you simply enjoy tailgating at shows or sporting events on the weekend?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then your vehicle may benefit from an auxiliary electrical system. That’s where REDARC’s expertise comes in. REDARC, by way of our friends at Summit Racing, offers things like battery chargers and isolators, DC power supplies, and a full line of solar panels to provide extra power to your vehicle for accessories–even when you’re way off the beaten path.

What’s more, they provide the expertise on how to put those items to good use. In the episode of the OnAllCylinders podcast, we cover everything you need to know about auxiliary electrical systems with Erich Ross from REDARC.

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