Compact, durable, and easy to use, these folding solar panel kits are a great way to charge up your 12v battery remotely. (Image/REDARC)

Heading off the grid for a bit? Then REDARC’s got some handy solar panel kits that let you harness the sun to charge your vehicle or auxiliary batteries.

From trolling motors to tailgate parties, these solar panel kits let you tap into a free power supply to feed your battery. And better yet, REDARC packs these kits with pretty much everything you’ll need to get started. You just have to add the battery.

Here’s what you get with each kit—pretty much plug-and-play after you add your battery. (Image/REDARC)

Yup, you don’t need an electrical engineering degree to set up your own personal power station.

The kits come with the folding panels and a power regulator. Simply connect the panels to the regulator with the included cables, then connect the regulator to the battery—heck, even that cable comes with big alligator clips to make battery hookup a breeze.

In other words, if you can jumpstart a car, you already have enough electrical know-how to get charging with these REDARC solar panel kits.

REDARC says that these solar panels should see about six to eight hours of sunlight a day. (Image/REDARC)

For now, REDARC gives you two kit options, either 120 watts or 200 watts, depending on how much juice you need.

Not sure how much power you need? REDARC’s got a handy blog post that’ll help you calculate your power requirements.

Both kits aren’t that heavy or cumbersome either, so it’s pretty easy to lug them out to a remote campground or jobsite too. (Oh, and you’ll also easily be able to move them around to soak-up as much sunlight as possible.)

The folding solar panel kits won’t take up too much space in a crowded work truck or overlanding rig. (Image/REDARC)

Want to learn more? As part of their Performance Parts Expo, the folks at Summit Racing sat down with Redarc for a lengthy discussion all about Redarc’s solar power solutions. Check out the whole interview here: