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Parts Bin: Mueller Kueps Specialty Automotive Tools Are Great Gift Ideas for the Pro & Home Mechanic

Regularly cleaning the mating surface between the wheel and the hub face is an essential (yet often overlooked) bit of routine maintenance. But thanks to the Inner Rim Cleaner from Mueller Kueps, that job gets a whole lot easier. (Image/Mueller Kueps)

As most any professional mechanic will tell you, there’s a right tool for every job. And for gearheads like us, we want to have every. single. one.

So when Summit Racing sat down to chat with the automotive tool experts at Mueller Kueps for its annual Performance Parts Expo, it wasn’t long before we started drooling over their vast selection of purpose-built specialty tools to help make our wrenching lives that much easier.

Many of Mueller Kueps’ tools are designed to solve specific vehicle problems and assist with regular jobs that many mechanics face on an almost daily basis.

You can get a video walkthrough of plenty of these tools below, but here’s a quick list of some of the ones that caught our eye.


  • Mueller Kueps Uni-Worktable Cart – Made with the durability of an anvil, this cart has ball bearing casters, an adjustable height, and integrated tool holders too.
  • Mueller Kueps Flexible Magnetic Pick-Up Tools – With magnets dang-near strong enough to surface a shipwreck, these flex-neck tools are great at finding and recovering hardware and sockets.
  • Mueller Kueps Jointed Line Wrenches –  Look closely, these flare wrenches have an offset, articulating end to help you remove and install those fittings buried in the dark recesses of an engine bay.
  • Mueller Kueps Wrench Extenders – These incredibly handy gadgets helped put Mueller Kueps on the map. They’re a smart, safe way to add some bolt-busting leverage to your existing wrenches.
  • Mueller Kueps Clip Lifters – Tired of mangling all those tiny trim clips when you’re working around interiors or electrical looms? Make short work of those aggravating fasteners with these hassle-saving tools.


And that’s just the start. Get the full tool showcase right from the Mueller Kueps folks below:

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