(Image/Yukon Gear’s YouTube Channel)

Gear and driveline noise can be a funny thing, because it may only be noticeable during certain driving situations. And ring and pinion gear noise that occurs only on deceleration is a good example.

While you’re cruising at normal traffic speeds, your ring and pinion gear set might be perfectly happy. But let off the gas for a bit, and the load, stress, and tension on the pinion, bearings, and races changes—which can exacerbate an underlying problem.

The telltale sign is often excessive gear noise.

That’s why this video from Yukon Gear and Axle is such an important one to watch if you’ve got unusual gear noise coming from your vehicle’s rear end when you’re slowing down.

The video breaks down what’s happening with your ring and pinion as you decelerate, and highlights some of the issues that contribute to bad gear noise. It’s only about a minute long and loaded with valuable tech that can potentially help you diagnose and fix the issue. Check it out: