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Parts Bin: Add an Adjustable Rev Limiter to Your GM HEI Distributor with a Module from Summit Racing

(Image/Summit Racing)

Running a stock GM HEI distributor on your engine? Then Summit Racing’s got a handy Digital GM High Energy Module that lets you add an adjustable rev limiter to it.

The rev limiter range goes from 5,000 rpm all the way up to a whopping 9,500 rpm for serious racing applications.

Even better, Summit Racing’s high energy ignition module can deliver up to 50 percent higher coil drive current than the stock one.

This unit is designed to swap right into place of any stock GM four-pin ignition module within an HEI distributor that’s equipped with a vacuum advance canister—you’ll just need to remove the stock condenser. And it’ll work with equivalent aftermarket distributors too.

The module includes a new mounting screw, along with a crimp-on female connector to complete the installation. (Image/Summit Racing)

So if you want to add a rev limiter to your engine, but don’t want the hassle or expense of ditching your entire GM HEI distributor, a Summit Racing Digital GM High Energy Module like this is a smart alternative.

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