Here’s the before/after of a classic Chevy Blazer outfitted with a Coverlay dash pad. Makes quite a difference, doesn’t it? (Image/Coverlay)

Our vehicle interiors put up with a lot, and things like sun fade, spilled coffee, and overexcited pets can quickly do a number on your dashboard, armrests, and door panels.

While replacement and reproduction interior parts are often easily sourced for certain newer and classic cars, if you drive something like a 20-year old truck, finding parts to refresh your ride’s interior can be difficult.

Does your 2000 GM truck or SUV dash look something like this? Coverlay’s got a cure for that. (Image/Coverlay)

Which is why we really appreciate the folks over at Coverlay. They’re cranking out top-quality replacement door panels, arm rests, dash pads, and more for those “in-between” vehicles that are too old to source good junkyard interior bits for—yet are not old enough to have a robust reproduction market.

We’re talking about 2000s-era Ford trucks, 1990s Dodges, heck Coverlay even makes interior parts for the once-ubiquitous Chevy Cavalier.

But that’s not all, you’ll also find Coverlay parts for bonafide classics like the Ford Bronco and Mustang, and Chevy Blazer and Camaro.

Coverlay offers parts individually or in kits that come with door cards, dash covers, and kick panels. (Image/Coverlay)

Even better, Coverlay makes these parts in a range of original colors, so you can maintain that factory-correct look. Check out the lineup: