A massive light bar can help you blaze a path down the trail. (Image/GMC)

It’s been about a year since we first met GMC’s new all-electric Hummer EV. Since that time, we’ve learned that it’s going racing and it’s got a Hummer SUV stablemate.

Now, thanks to the SEMA show, we’re getting a look at some of the accessories, overlanding, and off-road gear GMC will offer on its 1,000 hp electric vehicle.

GMC says the Hummer EV has a comprehensive range of accessories with almost 200 products, like the rooftop tent you see here. (Image/GMC)

Looks like GMC is taking a page out of the Wrangler’s book with some nifty customization parts to let owners stand out from the crowd—that is, if the 9,000 pound Hummer EV didn’t already stand out enough.

While the Hummer’s catalog has some more traditional parts like interior storage and cargo organizers, there are a few trick off-road bits that’ll catch the eyes of the mud and dirt crowd.

You can store your Hummer EV’s removable Sky Panels in this handy Storage Tray Set in the frunk. (Image/GMC)

For starters, there’s a 50 inch off-road light bar complemented by other off-road accessory lighting.

Then there’s a slick mount that’ll let you carry a spare tire vertically in the bed.

Plan on running larger wheels? Here’s a smart way to carry a full size spare. (Image/GMC)

Speaking of the bed, optional cargo management rails and a power retractable rigid tonneau cover can increase the Hummer EV’s versatility and practicality.

While the GMC Hummer EV supertruck hasn’t been released yet, GMC tells us that the first production pickup models are due by the end of the year, with the SUV arriving in 2023.

Bed rail mounted cross bars can increase the versatility out back too. (Image/GMC)

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