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SEMA Awards Reveal the “Top New Vehicles to Customize” for 2021

Every year, the SEMA Awards span a range of gearhead categories. We’ve already seen who took home honors in this year’s New Product Awards, and now we just found out what vehicles got selected to be the “Top New Vehicles to Customize.”

These awards go to the cars, trucks, or SUVs that, according to SEMA, offer the most opportunities for customization.

Just two automakers ruled the five categories—scroll down to see which ones grabbed all the accolades. And let us know your thoughts on the winners in the comments at the bottom of this story.


Car of the Year: Ford Mustang

2021 also saw the return of the Ford Mustang Mach 1 package. (Image/Ford)


Sport Compact of the Year: Toyota Supra

In addition to the inline six, 2021 marks the first time U.S. buyers can get a turbo four in a Supra. (Image/Toyota)


4×4/SUV of the Year: Ford Bronco

Now officially here, Broncos are being eagerly embraced by the off-road community. (Image/Ford)


Full-Size Truck of the Year: Ford F-Series

The 2021 F-150 is available with a hybrid drivetrain and onboard power generator. (Image/Ford)


Mid-Size Truck of the Year: Toyota Tacoma

Toyota introduced a few special Tacoma models for 2021, including the Trail Edition seen here. (Image/Toyota)


Agree with the results? Did GM or Dodge/Ram get a snub? Let us know your thoughts.

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