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Cutting-Edge Plug-n-Play Performance Options from JMS Chip | Performance Parts Expo

JMS Chip and Performance has added more plug-and-play performance boosters to its impressive product lineup. The JMS Chip BoostMAX plugs inline using your Ecoboost-equipped vehicle’s factory wiring connectors and harnesses to provide a huge improvement in power and torque from low-end through top-end. The BoostMAX units are designed to capitalize on your engine’s technology through digital electronics and OEM sensors that control spark, timing, and fuel—and are easy to install and to remove. Units are housed in a proprietary sealed enclosure with wiring harness, and include the OEM connectors, a remote boost control knob, installation kit, and instructions. Add pep, increase power and improve fuel performance from your Ecoboost engine!

The FuelMAX and FuelMAX V2 fuel pump boosters provide clean continuous voltage and the highest amperage available to provide maximum power and fuel for your vehicle–up to an 80 percent increase in fuel delivery is possible. The voltage boosters feature proprietary enclosures, industrial heat sink, 10-gauge heavy-duty wiring, and either 40 or 80 amp fuses, along with a host of new and innovative features to further improve your experience. Choose from single or dual inputs/outputs, plug-and-play versions, and 3-ways to trigger boosted output. JMS voltage boosters are pre-engineered for use on most Dodge, Ford, GM, and import vehicles—as well as most any others utilizing an electronic fuel pump.

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