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Video: Diagnosing & Replacing a Failing Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor

(Image/Bosch Automotive’s YouTube Channel)

Got a car made in the last 25ish years? There’s a good chance it has a mass air flow sensor somewhere upstream of the throttle body.

What does a MAF sensor do?

In simple terms, a mass air flow sensor measures the amount of air coming into the engine.

And that’s a pretty important job, because it ensures the right air/fuel mix gets delivered into the combustion chambers. If your A/F mix isn’t spot-on, it causes a whole bunch of potentially serious problems, ranging from a rough idle or hesitation, all the way to misfires and engine detonation.

The good news here, is that diagnosing and replacing a MAF sensor isn’t that tough in many situations—it probably won’t cost a ton either.

In fact, the fine folks at Bosch Automotive made this short video that’ll give you a comprehensive look at the signs of a failing mass air flow sensor, some basic MAF troubleshooting steps, and how to replace a MAF sensor that’s gone bad.

It’s less than five minutes long and is packed with some easy to follow explanations and visuals. It’s a good watch if you think your vehicle’s mass air flow sensor might be on its way out.

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