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Video: How to Pick the Best External Wastegate for Your Turbocharged Engine

Picking the right wastegate is crucial to achieve optimal turbocharged engine performance. (Image/Turbosmart’s YouTube Channel)

In simple terms, a wastegate is essentially a valve that controls boost pressure on a turbocharged engine. But given the wide range of engine applications out there, there’s no one-size-fits-all wastegate choice to meet everyone’s needs, so it’s vitally important that your turbo engine is running a wastegate that’s properly matched to its performance.

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So which wastegate will work best for your motor? With a handful of variables to consider, including engine displacement, turbo size, and fuel choice, there’s no cut-and-dry answer here. That’s why you’ll want to watch this detailed video from the folks at Turbosmart.

It’s just a shade over seven minutes long and packed with vital information to help you pick the right wastegate for your engine—arranged here in a simple, easy to follow video. Check it out:

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