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Video: How to Properly Lubricate Your Brake Calipers

(Image/Permatex’s YouTube Channel)

Brake calipers come in a few flavors, often referred to as sliding, floating, semi-floating, or fixed designs. But regardless of what type of brake calipers you’ve got on your car, truck, or SUV, they need to be properly lubricated to ensure you’ve got the right amount of “whoa nelly!” at your brake pedal.

The folks at Permatex make all sorts of fluids, gasket makers, epoxies, threadlockers, and—sure enough—they’ve got a a few types of brake caliper lubricants too.

But using the right caliper lube is only part of the story—you’ve still got to know how and where to apply it. And, again, since there are a few different brake caliper designs out there, there’s no single right answer here.

So check out this video from the aforementioned Permatex gang. It’ll go through a few of the basic caliper designs, how they work, and where they need to be lubricated to keep your brake system operating properly. It’s only about a minute long and it’s a good watch if you’re unfamiliar with how brake calipers work.

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