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Parts Bin: Axial’s New Ford Bronco RC Trucks are Cool, Affordable Substitutes for the Real Thing

Hesitant to take a vintage big-buck 4×4 off-road? Axial lets you do it in 1:10th scale. (Image/Axial Racing)

It’s no secret that Ford’s first-gen Bronco is one of the hottest vehicles on the vintage and collector’s market right now—which means prices of these early Broncos have officially reached the stratosphere.

So if you don’t want shell-out beacoup bucks for an original model, Axial Racing may have the next best thing with its radio-controlled Early Ford Bronco 1:10 Scale RC Trucks.

In addition to the turquoise paint scheme, you can get one of Axial’s Broncos in a white/blue racing livery. (Image/Axial Racing)

Modeled after a Bronco that’s been modified with legit off-road upgrades, including tube doors, a full cage, and officially licensed Falken Wildpeak M/T tires, these trucks pack a ton of detail in a 1:10 scale package. And it gets even better inside, when you see their interiors are decked out with realistic gauge clusters, shift levers, and more.

The foot-shaped gas pedal is a nice touch, too. (Image/Axial Racing)

But these RC Broncos are way more than just retro-lookers, they bring the radio controlled performance goods too. For starters, they’ve got rugged 4×4 drivetrains, and are equipped with portal axles, locking diffs, high/low transmissions, and more.

These Broncos are compatible with several battery pack types, and can connect via Bluetooth with an optional module. Batteries, charger, and the BT2000 Bluetooth unit are sold separately.

This isn’t a toy—Axial blends realism with top-tier RC tech to create an authentic 4×4 with some serious off-road performance. (Image/Axial Racing)

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