The new 11th generation Honda Civic is now officially out, in both sedan and hatchback flavors. For gearheads, there was already a lot to like about the new 2022 Civic, thanks to an available six-speed manual and 180 horsepower VTEC engine.

But the biggest news from earlier press releases was that Honda confirmed the continued existence of both the Civic Si and Type R variants.

For non-Honda enthusiasts, the Si and Type R badges denote Honda’s factory hot rods. Si models represent a solid bang-for-the-buck performance trim, and typically carry a peppier engine, sport-tuned suspension, bigger brakes, and other smile-inducing upgrades.

If that’s not enough, the Civic Type R cranks the performance knob up to 11. For instance, the outgoing 2021 model had track-bred enhancements like a 306 horsepower engine, limited slip differential, active dampers, and beefy sway bars.


While the new 2022 Si and Type R haven’t been released yet, Honda just teased us with a pair of Type R “spy” shots as its engineers ready the car for testing on Germany’s famed N├╝rburgring. There weren’t a whole lot of details we could glean from the press release, though it’s tough to ignore the aggressive rear wing, Brembo calipers, and front-mount intercooler.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the concealing vinyl wrap.





Yup, those are clever little “R” logos complemented by silhouettes of the car itself. Very meta there, Honda.

All this does is whet our collective appetites for the eventual Civic Si and Type R release. Though Honda has yet to say anything officially, leaked documents suggest the Civic Si will be out by the end of fall 2021, with the Type R hitting dealerships sometime during the spring of 2022. (Though with the chip shortage impacting overall automobile production, actual release dates are anyone’s guess.)

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