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Parts Bin: Custom Autosound Radios Give You Modern Audio Tech with a Vintage Vibe

Looks like it came right off Oldsmobile’s Lansing plant floor, doesn’t it. (Image/Custom Autosound)

From modern Bluetooth connectivity to louder, clearer sound, there are plenty of reasons why you may want to upgrade your classic ride’s audio system.

But a lot of folks are understandably hesitant to cut holes in their dash or otherwise upset the period-correct look of a classic console just to fit a fancy new radio.

That’s why you’ll probably dig these classically-styled radio head units from Custom Autosound.

These radios are far more advanced then the originals, yet appear as if they’re plucked right from an OE parts bin. (Image/Custom Autosound)

These application-specific radios pack plenty of amplifier oomph to get your toe tapping faster than the original factory radio ever did. And you can step up to four-speaker stereo too.

Depending on the radio model you choose, you can add Bluetooth connectivity, USB hookups, and support for things like a CD changer or outboard mp3 player—perfect for playing back hours of The Great Gildersleeve, if that’s your thing.

There’s a fancy electronic display hiding behind the traditional AM dial here too. (Image/Custom Autosound)

Custom Autosound radios are the perfect solution if you’ve got a broken or missing OE radio head unit, or if you simply want to replace your existing one with a radio that has modern power, features, and capabilities.

Oh, and in addition to replacement speakers, Custom Autosound makes upgraded speaker enclosures too—if you really want the neighbors to jam with you.

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