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Video: How to Wire a Solenoid Valve

Learn some basic electrical theory and get a better understanding of pneumatic systems in this quick video. (Image/Kleinn Air Horns’ YouTube Channel)

Simply put, a solenoid valve is a valve that’s operated electronically, so they’re very handy for controlling the flow of air or fluid via a remote electrical switch. That’s why they’re so common in pneumatic systems and ordinary plumbing—you’ll find solenoid valves in a lot of applications, from air horns and pneumatic shifters, all the way to home HVAC humidifiers.

And while they’re relatively simple devices, it can be easy to install a solenoid valve incorrectly, hence why we liked this video from the folks at Kleinn Air Horns.

Not only will this video walk through a typical solenoid valve installation, it’ll explain in basic terms what a solenoid valve does and how it works. It’s a good watch for folks without a lot of electrical experience, and really anyone working around pneumatic or hydraulic systems.

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