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Get Ready to Vote in the 2021 OnAllCylinders Readers’ Choice Awards!

The 2021 edition of our annual OnAllCylinders Readers’ Choice Awards is finally here!

While voting begins on the Summit Racing Facebook and Summit Racing Instagram channels this Friday, we’re opening the voting to you loyal OnAllCylinders readers now. So take a look at the categories and entrants below, and make you selections in the comment section below.

We’ll collect all the ballots from here and Summit Racing’s social media, tally ’em up, and give you the all the winners once voting wraps up in a few weeks.


2021 OnAllCylinders Readers’ Choice Award Categories


2021 Readers’ Choice Award: Favorite Power Adder

What’s your method of choice when you’re chasing sky-high horsepower numbers? You can pick from two flavors of forced induction, go with the bottle, or for those purists, you can send it all-motor.


2021 Readers’ Choice Award: Favorite Automotive Era

Classic or contemporary? Tailfins or technology? Carburetors or carbon fiber? We’re not just talking about performance here either; style, sound, heck, even smell can play a factor—if that’s your thing.


2021 Readers’ Choice Award: Favorite Exhaust Manufacturer

Perhaps nothing gives a vehicle its personality better than a nicely tuned exhaust note. Whether you prefer a subtle rumble or a full roar, there are plenty of reasons to help you decide. Don’t forget the write-in category either.


2021 Readers’ Choice Award: Favorite Suspension Manufacturer

The voting here may rely on what kind of vehicle you’ve got. Off-roaders will certainly have different criteria for a low rider after all, so we’re excited to see how this category shakes out.


2021 Readers’ Choice Award: Favorite Induction Setup

Modern EFI conversion kits are all the rage nowadays, but we know plenty (PLENTY!) of folks that much prefer the tried-and-true feel of carburetor linkage. And we didn’t leave you Rochester, EV, and diesel folks out either.


2021 Readers’ Choice Award: Best Paint/Exterior Style

Keeping a low profile with hot rod satin finish? Giggle like a pre-teen when a Gasser shows up in bass-boat candy paint? Maintaining a period-correct look? Whatever finish you fancy, place your vote now.


2021 Readers’ Choice Award: Best Build Style

This category might be a generational thing. Or simply a reflection of the zeitgeist. Still, some trends never seem to go out of style. Got a strong opinion here? Tell us about it in the comments.


2021 Readers’ Choice Award: Favorite Modern Engine Series

It used to be the classic BBC vs. Cleveland vs. Elephant debate. Though the engines have changed, the rivalries still run strong. Let us know where your allegiance is (and don’t forget to write in an alternative if none of these scratch your itch).


2021 Readers’ Choice Award: Most Underrated Hot Rod Engine

Speaking of engines, whoever said the Windsor and SBC need to rule the hot rod roost? There are plenty of alternative motors out there—and quite a few of you would say “better” alternatives too!


2021 Readers’ Choice Award: Best Bucket List Hot Rodding Event

So many cool places to ride, yet so little time…so what’s on your list? The excitement of flat-out speed? The glittering lights of Las Vegas? Here’s another category where the write-in vote may be really interesting.


2021 Readers’ Choice Award: Best Bucket List Racing Event

From the historic Brickyard and legendary Circuit de la Sarthe to the breathtaking Pikes Peak course, let us know what you’ve got pinned on your gearhead map.


2021 Readers’ Choice Award: Hardest DIY Task

Recoil in fear over the thought of a dent repair? Do electrical gremlins have you cowering under the bedsheets? Let us know what jobs have you muttering a quiet profanity or two under your breath.


2021 Readers’ Choice Award: Favorite Motorsports Type

It’s a Saturday afternoon. Chores are done. Kids are away. And bad weather is keeping you inside. You jump on the couch, pop on the TV, and smile because _____ is on. So, what’ll it be?


There you have it, your 2021 Readers’ Choice Award Categories and Nominees. You can start making your choices now in the comments below, and Summit Racing will start the individual category voting on its social media later this week. Then check back a few weeks later to see the results. Happy voting!


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